Alcohol Poisoning: Definition, Symptoms

Alcohol PoisoningDrinking alcohol is detrimental to health. Students who are preparing for an exam face stressful times if their roommates are battling alcohol addiction.

The behavior of alcoholics is amusing. Most individuals laugh even more when alcoholics pass out. However, asphyxiation due to alcohol is not funny as it can lead to death. Alcoholism can also lead to poisoning of the respiratory center of the brain.

The dangers of Alcohol Poisoning are too many. You should seek professional therapy immediately for yourself or dear one. Most collegians know that treatment is mandatory to overcome alcohol poisoning. Most tragedies related to alcohol poisoning can be prevented.

Most myths related to alleviating alcoholic behavior are only myths, such as taking a cold shower, having a cup of black coffee, and taking a nap. Time is the only thing that alleviates the symptoms of alcoholism. If you are already suffering from alcohol poisoning, then even time is not enough. Every individual has his or her own level of intoxication. This makes it difficult to predict a cutoff for alcohol levels.

Alcohol PoisoningThe nerves that are responsible for involuntary and reflex actions are affected by alcohol. Alcohol, in large amounts, will inevitably impair these functions.

Consumption of excessive alcohol will lead to vomiting, as alcohol is an irritant to the stomach. Another risk is choking on vomit, which can lead to asphyxiation in unconscious individuals.

The concentration of alcohol in the blood can rise even after the individual is unconscious. This is because alcohol in the stomach or intestine can enter the blood stream. It is a common misconception that symptoms disappear after a quick nap.

Symptoms of alcohol poisoning:

• Confusion, unconsciousness, coma
• Vomiting
• Seizures
• Difficulty in breathing (a gap of 10 seconds or more between breaths)
• Hypothermia

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